The most complete, accurate and easiest-to-use music website in the world.


Develop a platform and community, assisted by great technology and a small, dedicated, full-time staff, to create and maintain the world’s most complete, accurate and easy-to-use website for music enthusiasts.


Community and Collaboration

Great things are rarely created in a vacuum by individuals, but instead, are often the product of larger communities of creative individuals collaborating to achieve some vision. We will work to develop a community and foster collaboration within that community to help build the most complete, comprehensive, accurate and easy to use music website in the world. We will also seek the rewards and joy that come from being part of such a creative and dedicated community.


The value of internetMUSICdb comes from the completeness and accuracy of the data and content it encompasses. To that end, it’s important for us to do all we can to expand our content to be as complete, in the subject of music, as possible.


The quantity of data and content is meaningless if it is incorrect or inaccurate. We strive to have an attitude toward maintaining correct and accurate information in the internetMUSICdb. We’ll create tools, as part of the platform, that enable us to enter content accurately to begin with and to find and fix incorrect information.

Simplicity and Ease-of-Use

Having all of the data, information and content in the world is useless if it is inaccessible or difficult to find. For this reason, designing a site and platform that makes it amazingly easy to find what you’re looking for and discover things that you never knew is critical to the success of internetMUSICdb. We will strive to find new and creative ways to enable users of this site to browse, search, discover and consume its content.

Beauty and Elegance

The world already has too much ugliness. We refuse to add more. To that end our design will evoke beauty and elegance. But this goes beyond merely the visual aspects, through to the core and foundation of what we do because, as the saying goes, “beauty is more than skin deep.” So beauty and elegance will inform and shape and guide our work so that what we create makes the world a better place.

Continuous Improvement

We know that we won’t do things the best way or the right way the first time around and even when we do create something great from the start, there’s always room to improve, so it’s important for us to have an attitude and a plan of action for continuous, incremental and ongoing improvement so we are always advancing from where we are today to a better state tomorrow.