Why Participate?

We all have something to contribute to the world. Whether small or large, a little or a lot, there is great reward and satisfaction in contributing what we know or what we can do to something that comes together, like a beautiful mosaic, to create something newer, bigger and better. In some ways, the world becomes a better place when we do this.

How to Participate…

internetMUSICdb is a huge project. We are working hard on all aspects of it. We’re regularly adding new data, correcting mistakes and inaccurate data, implementing new features, fixing bugs, and improving existing features.

Three ways you might want to participate include sharing your knowledge of music, sharing your ideas and suggestions for the site and even sharing your talent, skills and abilities to make internetMUSICdb even better.

Sharing Your Knowledge

The first, simplest and most straightforward way you can participate is by sharing what you know with the world.

internetMUSICdb is designed and intended to collect, organize, show and share everything we can related to the world of music. It starts with songs, albums, musicians and bands. There will be more in the future. But, for now, you can let the world know something we don’t know yet. Examples include:

  • Names for musicians or bands
  • Birth and death information for musicians
  • Formation and breakup dates for bands
  • Joined and departed dates for bands members
  • Quotes from musicians
  • Release information for songs and albums
  • Chart information for songs and albums
  • Certification information for songs and albums
  • Hall of fame inductions for songs, albums, musicians and bands
  • Awards for songs, albums, musicians and bands
  • Trivia for songs, albums, musicians and bands

…and more (with still more to come!)

Sharing Your Ideas

But wait! There’s more. You have ideas. We have ideas. Probably everyone has ideas and suggestions that could make a site like internetMUSICdb better. Why not share your ideas and suggestions? We’re always excited to hear from folks who have a different point of view and a new idea about what would make this a better site for them. Just drop us a line at feedback@internetmusicdb.com.

Sharing Your Talent

Sometimes you want to do more and there’s more you can do. You have the skills and talents to do some of the technical work. It’s the heads-down, in the code, problem-solving, feature-developing work that makes a site like this even possible.

You may not be a musician, but your instrument is a code editor and your music is the code you produce. You’re looking for something that you can contribute to and make bigger and better because you were a part of it.

Maybe you’re interested helping out in one of the following development areas:

HTML, CSS and JavaScript
You know HTML and how to style it. You love to see the front-end come together as you craft the HTML and CSS to make it beautiful, elegant, clean and simple while still presenting the information and content people are looking for. You also know how to use JavaScript to make it come alive. You’re familiar with JQuery, AJAX and know how to make JavaScript work cleanly and smoothly.
Django, Python, SQL and PostgreSQL
Maybe the front-end isn’t your thing. You like digging around and implementing the back-end guts. You’ve worked with Python and the Django web framework. You’ve written SQL and know your way around PostgreSQL. You love to deliver the stuff that the front-end needs to make it all real.

If this is you and you want details, email us at webmaster@internetmusicdb.com.