Theme Song Lists


  • Blue
    These songs might make you blue.
  • Green
    We know you'll be simply green with envy about these songs.
  • Orange
    Orange you glad we put together this list of songs?
  • Purple
    The deep purple people eating song list.
  • Red
    It's a red letter day for these songs.
  • Violet
    These violets aren't blue.
  • Yellow
    A rose, a taxi, a submarine and more!



  • Sunday
    Sunday will never be the same with these songs.
  • Monday
    I guess some songs have a case of "the Mondays."
  • Tuesday
    This list is more than a two-fer song list.
  • Wednesday
    The perfect set of songs to get through "hump day."
  • Thursday
    It's just the 5th (or 4th) day of the week. That's all.
  • Friday
    Thank goodness we put together this list of songs.
  • Saturday
    You can spending driving, fighting or just in the park.